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Sitecore Bootstrap Starter Kit

Sitecore Bootstrap is a starter kit build on Sitecore 6.6 using MVC

The starter kit

This starter kit build on Sitecore 6.6 using MVC and uses Autofac for DI, Automapper to map the Sitecore item to Poco objects, Squishit to compress and minify the assets, and MiniProfiler to profile the site.


  • Fluent layout using based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Contact form with Unobtrusive jquery validation at client side
  • Login form
  • Gallery
  • Homepage with carousel
  • Breadcrumb for content pages
  • In-line editing using Sitecore editor
  • Mapping poco object to views
  • Injecting data services via Autofac
  • Optional MiniProfiler
  • Automatic minification of css and js
  • Unit test for controllers using NUnit


Code licensed under the The MIT License.

Source code

Grab the source code from

Post steps

  • Set the addAspxExtension=“false” in the LinkManager in the web.config
  • Add on /sitecore/sites/site name=“website” the loginPage=“/login”, create an extranet user, and then try to visit in the browser /about/secured. You should be redirected to the login page and be asked for credentials.