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uBootstrap Starter Kit for Umbraco

uBootstrap is a starter kit for Umbraco and uses Bootstrap from Twitter, html5, css3, and .less.

A Starter Kit built using Html5 + CC3 + .less

This starter kit is based on Bootstrap from Twitter and uses html5, css3, and .less. It is a multilingual package (English,Spanish and Hebrew) and uses the built-in Umbraco dictionary to localize labels used within the site


  • Atom feed for news list
  • Default sitemap xml for search engines
  • Default robots.txt
  • Pretty icons
  • Resized images
  • Built-in Examine search

Friendly not found page Assets (css and js) automatically minified

Combres and .less Support

This package uses Combres to compress the javascript and css files, and .less to manage the .less files.

Image Resizer

This package uses to dynamically resize the images. You can find more information about how to use it here and find out about their premium plugins here


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