Full Text Search in the Sitecore User Manager

How to be able to search by name, email and comments in the Sitecore User Manager

After googling on how to enhance the Sitecore User Manager, I bumped into Teach User Manager how to search by email and Search by Email in the Sitecore User Manager. However, that’s not good enough for me because you need to do exact match on the email address.

So what if we use Sitecore Content Search for this? After getting an example on Indexing an External Database in Sitecore 7, I decided to integrate both approches: Override the default UserProvider and DomainProvider to use Sitecore Content Search.

Create a custom crawler and use it on your custom user provider

Create a IndexedUser class

And use it on the IndexableUser

Create an user crawler

And override the default UserProvider

Finally, add your include config

Override the domain provider

Create a CustomDomain

And replace the Domains.config

This has been tested on Sitecore 8.1 Update 1.

Written on February 25, 2016